Northern Ontario Aquaculture Association

Aquaculture as an industry is relatively new to Ontario, and has been recognized as a “priority economic sector” in  Northern Ontario.

Since 2002, the association has provided support to farmers and other members by promoting rainbow trout to consumers, by initiating and coordinating world-class freshwater aquaculture research projects, by encouraging investment, and by providing a strong, unified voice to address sustainable development and growth.

The thing is, while fresh, local food sources are becoming increasingly important to consumers, Ontario rainbow trout farms are only able to produce enough to supply about half of the trout sold in Ontario. Right now, we’re importing a lot of our trout from Chile, Norway, and other countries that keep fresh, healthy and affordable seafood options out of reach for a lot of hardworking families. There is a better way.

Homegrown aquaculture – right here in our Great Lakes –  keeps your food source local, affordable, and sustainable.

Now, more than ever, we need common sense, sustainable solutions when it comes to food supply. There’s no reason our seafood supply should be dependent on other countries. We can grow that food, and protect our economy, right here at home.

What we do

  • We represent our members in consultations with regulators and other stakeholders. We fully support fact-based, effective, and efficient regulations. As an industry, we are committed to doing aquaculture right, but we need support from our governments. In this, we maintain a shared responsibility.
  • We offer networking and education opportunities through industry meetings, workshops, and annual reports.
  • We share recipes, tips for preparation and storing fish, and nutrition information (check out our sister site, Eat Trout).
  • We’ve coordinated or supported many freshwater aquaculture research projects, including an extended full lake experiment over 8 years at Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) in Northern Ontario.
  • We deliver presentations and staff trade shows, agricultural fairs, and other events.
  • We’ve hosted or coordinated farm tours for governments, students, cottage groups, and other interested people.

Not to brag, but we’re good at it! In 2012, we won a Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence for our efforts. And we’ll continue to raise the bar. You see, we believe our members take the greatest care to grow great-tasting, healthy, and safe rainbow trout for you – so we take the greatest care to provide our members with quality and productive support activities.